EOS2 & EOS5 cab Thermal Transfer Printers

The EOS1 & EOS4 units will no longer be available, but spare parts can ordered through Eagle Wright. cab EOS 2 & 5 data sheets  EOS2/EOS5 model printers have the same small footprint as their predecessors, cab has updated these models with a more powerful CPU, faster processing speeds and internal memory. The overall maximum […]

go green

Going Green to $ave Green

Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal paper label with ultra thin liners. How does this $ave on green? Thinner liners give you more labels on a roll which equals less roll changes during application.  Purchasing ultra thin liners you pay less per label in shipping costs. Greener yet? Thinner liners use less pulp and paper than […]

care label fabric

Exciting News for Apparel People!

Eagle Wright is pleased to announce the availability of our Premium Fabric Care Thermal Transfer Ribbon.  Printing with our FLPS (Fabric Label Printing System) on our Nylon material we were able to lower the printhead temperature to minus 4 and increased speed to 6.75ips.  What does this mean?  Saving printheads and more labels produced per […]

Mach1/Mach2 Ideal for Small to Medium Volume Printing

At-A-Glance Highlights for Mach1/Mach2 Reliable 4″ desktop printers in proven technology Thermal Transfer and Direct thermal Printing Print resolutions 200/300 dpi Label widths up to 118MM(4.65″)  Thermal Transfer Ribbons on standard 1″ core Solid double-walled construction allows printing in all areas Mach1/2 Data Sheet EAGLE WRIGHT CONTACT  

cab Squix Next Generation Printer

Cab Warranty Information     Check out our one of a kind upgraded Fabric Label Printer System Purchase and update your thermal label printers with CAB SQUIX Printer Series.  When you purchase the SQUIX  you can keep using your A4+ Accessories, you will need to purchase the Adapter Screw PT# 5977586.      The SQUIX printers are […]


Why Not Color Thermal Transfer Ribbons for Extraordinary Printing?

Eagle Wright is expanding your Thermal Transfer Color printing possibilities while providing excellent print clarity and high smudge resistance when black just isn’t enough. We are offering whole range of colors, that can be used in the printing industry for warehousing, branding & retail, medical/pharmaceutical, automatic product identification and graphic applications. Colors are also widely […]

qr code 2d bar code ewi

QR code 2D bar code labels on fabric or paper from Eagle Wright

QR code 2D bar code labels have expanded the ability to engage customers.  The ever increasing use of smart phones has launched the QR code 2D bar code into everyday living experiences.  We see them everywhere; in magazines, on product packaging, restaurant menus, in retail stores, even on employee ID cards.   The large data capacity […]