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World Wide paper shortage and allocations of raw material supplies have caused significant out of stock situations. Many label face stocks continue to be unavailable especially semi-gloss and laser materials. Pressure sensitive thermal transfer and direct thermal products are becoming a concern and remain on allocation. Eagle Wright lists many products in our catalogue, we cannot guarantee that when your order is placed there is going to be stock available to fill. It is not possible to keep up with what is available stock when in changes daily. Eagle Wright can help to try and find an alternative solution.

New product - TRAX

Berry Compliant MIL-DTL–32075A

Fabric for Labeling  – Trax

Trax is a Spunbonded Polyethylene material Suitable for printing via Thermal Transfer, Offset, and Flexographic.

Trax Durability includes resistance to:

- Abrasion

- Water

- Bacterial Penetration

- Aging

 - Inherently Mildew Resistant

  • Thermal transfer use – Available in White and Dark Tan (est’d PMS 2327C) other colors pending and can be custom run. Call to match a Thermal Transfer ink formula to your needs and printer specifications.
  • Available for your preprinted label needs.
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TRAX is Patent Pending

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