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 Thermal Transfer Ribbon Sale

(Sale prices are good until inventory is depleted)

  • Z11030GR:  Coated Side Out Printers (Zebra) Green Wax 4.33″ X 984′ Thermal Transfer Ribbons $10.50/Ribbon, 32 Ribbons Available
  • DMX154360RD:  Coated Side In Printers (Datamax) 485C Red Wax/Resin 6.06″ X 1181′ Thermal Transfer Ribbons $39.00/Ribbon or make offer, 16 Ribbons Available
  • DMX152360GR Coated Side In Printers (Datamax) 554C Wax/Resin 5.98″ X 1181′ Thermal Transfer Ribbons $39.00/Ribbon or make offer, 7 Ribbons Available
  • DMX152450VT Coated Side In Printers (Datamax) 2725C Violet Wax/Resin 5.98″ X 1476′ Thermal Transfer Ribbons $57.00/Ribbon or make offer, 10 Ribbons Available
  • D89360215:  Coated Side In (Datamax) Printers Black Wax/Resin 3.5″ X 1181′ Thermal Transfer Ribbons $11.43/Ribbon, 42 Ribbons Available
  • FTC106-403: TEC B-472 Coated Side Out Near Edge Wax/Resin 4.17″ X 1968′ Thermal Transfer Ribbons $20.02/Ribbon or Make Offer, 32 Ribbons Available

Thermal Transfer Label Sale

  • EW24TTL 2″ X 4″ Thermal Transfer Paper, 1500 Labels/Roll $5.73/M or $8.60/Roll, 7 Rolls or 10,500 Labels Available

** Less than a case of direct thermal handheld labels left hurry hurry**

**DTL42RPORT 4″ X 2″ For Portable Handheld Printers .75″ Core, Direct Thermal Paper Labels, 300 Labels/Roll, 18 Rolls or 5,400 Labels Available $17.94/M or $96.88/case

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