Fabric, Textile & Apparel Labels

Custom Fabric, Textile and Apparel Labels

There are many types of trim, labels and tags for the textile and soft goods market.  Eagle Wright has over 25 years of experience working in this market and we are prepared to assist clients in finding the performance and detail your product requires.   Whether working with an existing program for us to match or a new project in development, let us know what you want to achieve.  The forms below will direct you to the correct resource. Do you want to print your own fabric care labels, paper labels or hang tags?  See our printer section call in for personal assistance choosing the right machine and supplies.  Make labels as you need them.

Woven Labels

Brand labels, continuous trim, care content labels and many other applications.  Eagle Wight has production facilities in several locations world wide, with the capabilities to provide quality labels when and where you need.  Also available as Berry Compliant for military purchases.  Eagle Wright has newly added 1″ x 1″ woven Flag Made In the USA, 400 labels per box, contact Eagle Wright for your price!   

woven flag

                 Made in the USA

The following materials, and finishes are available:   Weaves:  Satin, Taffeta, Damask Edges:  Sonic Cut or Slit Edge Finishes:  Straight Cut, Cut and Fold, Continuous Rolls

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Printed Fabric Labels

Manufacturer of Printed Fabric labels and provider for full color branded labels, care labels, outside logo trim.  Eagle Wright has USA and global production capabilities to meet your needs.  Printed labels are available in variety of materials including coated nylons, polyester fabrics, spun bonded materials, softer Sateen and woven edge narrow fabric.  We can provide as cut singles or on rolls for clients to imprint variable information just as needed.

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Custom Hang Tags

Hang tags are found on all types of items including pet supplies, hair products, apparel and just about everything you purchase.  Hang tags are a wonderful way to draw attention to a product through color and design and can provide the information needed to make the sale.  Square corners or special shapes, folded or single ply, plain or full color all have a role in promoting the product.
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