Exciting News for Apparel People!

care label fabric

Eagle Wright is pleased to announce the availability of our Premium Fabric Care Thermal Transfer Ribbon. 

Printing with our FLPS (Fabric Label Printing System) on our Nylon material we were able to lower the printhead temperature to minus 4 and increased speed to 6.75ips.  What does this mean?  Saving printheads and more labels produced per day.  Other fabric materials have also been tested with similar results.  

Everybody dreads printing on Tyvek®, (it is a thorn in my side), wax/resin is the ribbon formula that is normally used for Tyvek®.  One our customer’s launders their Tyvek® Labels and wax/resin formula was washing off.  After testing practically every resin ribbon available the only resin ribbon that would print on the Tyvek® and not wash off was our Brand New Premium Fabric Care Ribbon.

Do you want to test free ribbon sample? Do you have a printing project that has become a thorn in your side?  Please contact Eagle Wright, we can find you a solution!