cab Squix Next Generation Printer



Check out our one of a kind upgraded Fabric Label Printer System

Purchase and update your thermal label printers with CAB SQUIX Printer Series.  When you purchase the SQUIX  you can keep using your A4+ Accessories, you will need to purchase the Adapter Screw PT# 5977586.     

The SQUIX printers are built upon the foundation of the legendary A+ Series Printers.  Cab Technology, Inc. has installed the fastest processors on the market and quadrupled the amount of memory to 256MB.  Printheads have been redesigned so that exchanging is more user-friendly with 200/300 and 300/600 dpi versions being interchangeable.  Print speed was increased to 300mm/sec and integrated the ZPL emulation as in the EOS Series.  The peripheral interface allows SQUIX printers to be equipped with all the peripheral A+ devices such as cutters, applicators, and external rewinders.

It has been suggested that if you are printing small widths it would be best to use the center justified or “M” printer.  The printhead pressure is applied better to the small widths when centered.   

SQUIX printers feature a 4.3″ LCD touch display which functions similar to a smartphone with direct access to menu items, instructional videos are available. WLAN is integrated as standard and compact flash card slot has been replaced with as SD card slot.  Free cablabel S3 Lite Software or the option of purchasing cablabel S3 Pro Software. If you are not sure which software version you will need, here is a comparison of both software versions at a glance. Cab also offers 30 day free trial of the Pro version. If for some reason you do not get your demo key within 24 hours, please let Eagle Wright know and we will get you one.

The SQUIX Printers are available as centered and left justified versions with multiple configurations such as Basic, Dispensing, and Textiles.