QR code 2D bar code labels on fabric or paper from Eagle Wright

QR code 2D bar codeQR code 2D bar code labels have expanded the ability to engage customers.  The ever increasing use of smart phones has launched the QR code 2D bar code into everyday living experiences.  We see them everywhere; in magazines, on product packaging, restaurant menus, in retail stores, even on employee ID cards.   The large data capacity and small size are ideal to place in areas where they can be scanned with a smart phone or tablet.  QR Codes may direct you to a product manual, it may provide in-depth product information or take you to a website. The QR code is for marketing what the television was to newspapers. Where once there was a limited area to put a message, there is now a way to dramatically expand communications in a very small foot print area.  Need help to get started? Eagle Wright can help.

Whether it be a consumer or an employee, by scanning the QR code you have in essence captured your audience. Easy to make and easy to scan.  What makes the QR Code 2D bar code valuable is the amount and type of information that can be included in this small square code; well beyond a linear bar code.  Increased uses have been found in sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, and supply chain.  For the purpose of providing information and to move deeper or beyond the reach of linear bar codes or written text.  QR codes connect customers, employees even the general public directly to the information you want to provide.   Scan the QR Code 2D bar code above with your smart phone using the bar code scanner app.