Questions To Ask When Quoting Thermal Labels

It is very important to get as much information as possible to quote the correct label for the application.  Hopefully some of these questions will help.

1. What is the label’s size?  To measure a label’s size, you would measure the width of the label from left to right as it is coming off the roll and then measure top to bottom for the length.

2. What is the label material being used?  A material consists of the facestock, adhesive, and liner. The selection of material and adhesive depends on your label application. You will need to know the conditions in which the label will be applied, and the conditions it will encounter in its lifetime. If you don’t know which facestock or adhesive to use, find out about type application and lifecycle.  If you need to ask for a sample of the material.

3. Who is printing the label?  How many colors, a PMS color match, any variable print, is there a database.  Do you need a varnish or an over-laminate applied to the label? if you have artwork, it would help us quote the label if see could see the art.

4. How many labels (quantity)?   Are there multiple versions of a label, get the quantity of each version.  Multiple versions of a label are multiple designs printed on the same material and cut to the same size and shape.

5. Are you going to apply the labels by hand, or will your labels be automatically applied by machine?  If your labels are applied by machine, it is important to know how the labels need to be oriented coming off the roll.  This is called the unwind position.

6. Do you want your labels perfed, or not?  Perf is short for perforation. The liner can be perfed between the labels, allowing you to easily tear off the desired amount of labels from the roll. If your labels are to be applied by machine, you will not want them perfed.  Labels can also have a face perf. A face perf goes through the label, but not the liner. If you need a face perf, we need to know if the perf is vertical or horizontal.

7. Is there anything special about the label?   Does the label have pinfeeds, notches, blowholes, or if the facestock or liner needs to be scored. Perhaps you are looking at a more complex configuration such as a paint mask or piggyback label.  The more you know, the more accurate you can quote.

8. How do you want your labels finished?  Labels on a roll, sheeted, or fanfolded? If on a roll, do you need a special core size?