Hot Stamp Partner


Hot Stamp partner Zhuoli Digital Material is the largest manufacturer of Hot Stamping Coding Foil in China. Our hot stamp foils are designed to print production date and product identification information such as batch, lot #, expiration dates, etc.

Our ISO 9001 certified facility produces a wide range of coding foils which provide superior printing on various packaging substrates used within markets such as Food/beverage , Pharmaceuticals, and other various packaging/decorating applications.

Standard Widths are 25mm, 30mm, 35mm & 40mm

Lengths are 100M & 200M, custom widths & lengths are available.

Formula      Operating Temp    Substrates                           Description

RT                90-110 C            PP/PE/PET    Suitable for printing on paper & leather. Good blackness & scratch resistance.

LC1             120-150 C           PVC Film    Recommended for standard & low temperature imaging.  Good adhesion & scratch resistance. Comparable to Kurz

LC6            130-180 C      Aluminum Film  Low temperature imaging, dark print, good adhesion & scratch resistant, refrigeration applications.

SCF900     130-180 C       Papers     Used on wide variety of packaging materials. High speed printing for sterilization & refrigeration. Comparable to ITW

SCF Colors 120-150 C     Papers      Colors available:  White, Blue, Yellow, Red, and Orange.

Samples are available upon request fill out the form!