Compliance Label Wide Format CAB Printer

A compliance label wide format like those for pallets, drums, and chemical packaging have a lot of information and tend to be larger in width than many Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal printers can handle.   CAB label printers provide flexibility in size and how the labels are managed. Labels can be printed for each package, pallet or other container individually or in batches of the same label.

Finding a printer and software program that ties together the parts of this process is
simple with the CAB A+ thermal printers and the cablabel(R) S3 software.

The A+ series of printers feCAB A8+/300DPI-TT/DTatures 2 models designed to take on compliance labeling and other label challenges found in an industrial environment. Label width (across the core measurement, not the feed directions) is limited by the width of the print head.  Most common printers will go up to a 4″ width with variable feed dimensions.  The CAB A6 and A8 models are designed to take on the wide format of the label; the A6+ (6.64″ wide with 200 dpi and 6.4″ on the 300 dpi) and A8+ (8.5″ at 300 dpi).  Productivity is not lost on these models with an impressive speed of up to 200mm (8”) per second on the A6+ and up to 150mm (6”) per second on the A8+.

Handling the printed label is often left to chance.  Make the most of what is available by looking into post print options. Compliance labels are quite often applied to the container just before or immediately after production. They are also used frequently in the shipping area to meet transportation mandated label requirements.  Integrating a CAB label applicator to pick up the labels and apply to your package provides accurate placement and possibly less manpower.  If  the auto applicator is not needed, the dispensing option will neatly push a label out for the operator to grab and apply while a new label advances.   These are just a couple options available on these printers.  Placing the printer in the right area of production or packaging provides access to labels just in time.  This is possible with the CAB printers without a PC present at that location.

Cablabel (R) S3 is loaded with features available to control the entire process from design to application.  Compliance labels may be created from a template or can be custom designed with multiple barcodes, special symbols and pictures printed on them.    CAB software will be the driving force in keeping your labeling projects and demands moving forward.  Fast and effective; CAB printers combined with Cablabel® S3 design and production software,  keep compliance labeling and general label needs easy to manage.